H32 believes in a level of Project Management that exceeds most standards. While others focus only on the immediate task at hand, H32 revisits the overall objective on a consistent basis, guaranteeing an up-to-date evaluation of every step we take, to aiding in the development of your product.


We provide guidance on your project - from initial conception to completion and manufacturing. By providing solid risk management procedures, regularly participating in technology reviews, and employing superb communication skills that will raise the level of research skills needed to produce top quality equipment. H32 customers enjoy our quick responsesinnovational ideas, and exceptional designs.


Our level of project management means less stress and more productive guidance. We bring a vision to the table that exceeds typical standards and provides our clients with superior functionality.


Pro Engineer


Analysis, hand calculations, FEA


Testing, UL, CE, FCC


Mil-Specifications, Government Projects


Training of personel, Procedures

H32 enthusiastically engages in projects of a more complex nature. Our engineers are seasoned in the highest caliber of technological procedures. By remaining on schedule and within budget, we deliver progressive service in the field of design, analysis, experimentation, and manufacturing.


H32, like most companies developing high technology products, has state-of-the-art design and analysis tools that can model the parts and assembly in three dimensions. They check stresses, thermal loads, and find interferences of moving parts. But even with all of this technology, we understand that design work begins with our visual thinking, and is an art form, that requires taking pencil to paper so that group discussions can be generated before a computer layout is initiated.


Manufacturing Process


Gauging and Fixturing


Quality Control




Design of Experiments


Training of Personnel

One of the main reasons for the success of H32 is our understanding of the manufacturing process, variation, and tolerances. Variation is a fact of life. We meet our customers' needs by finding which manufacturing processes will give them the best results. H32 has worked with many vendors in technology ranging from heat-treating, to ultrasonic inspection, to chemical etching.


Statistics, as it relates to the design of experiments, is a powerful tool. As the example in "Process Development" shows, we not only use this tool to improve products, but to improve processes as well. We have a vast amount of experience in running experiments on cutting fluids and drilling speed, plasma cutting quality, and gas turbulence.


With H32's commitment to providing comprehensive statistical analysis, you'll be the one to reap the rewards in the form of faster, more reliable, and less costly processes and products.


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