H32 Design and Development LLC is a leader in turning valued research and ideas into profitable products. We do this by bringing together our skills in: engineering, design, process development, manufacturing, project management and Design-of-Experiments (DOX).


This, along with our experience with Patents and Intellectual Property has enabled us to guide projects to meet the marketing strategy  for the maximum benefit of our customers.

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We don't just put it all together, we make it work for you!

The process is the key

Understanding the manufacturing process is key to all the services that H32 provides. This knowledge enables us to identify the main effects of many processes and features of design. Our ability to design, develop and optimize manufacturing processes can be your distinctive edge over the competition.


We have used Design of Experiments to improve the performance on everything from airbag parts and plasma cutting torches, to rust inhibitors and cutting fluid. Our experience enables us to pinpoint the main effects of your requirements and specifications. We use this insight to: lower production costs, increase yields, increase robustness of the process, and turn seemingly 'impossible' challenges into identifiable needs and accurate results.



Our approach to product design has enabled us to go beyond the limitations of most engineering and design companies, to bring a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs to every project.


Our true consideration of each process’ advantages and limitations is the difference between a profitable product and a product concept that sits on the shelf.


Your customers never tire of better products. To answer this need, you require a design team that distinguishes the ins and outs of manufacturing and production. We look at projects differently; our products are the result of many manufacturing and assembly processes, each having associated with it: tolerances, costs, tooling, lead times, and other advantages and disadvantages.


At H32 we are ready and equipped to undertake your most difficult projects - netting profits for you along the way. From packaging of computer systems, to development of a high temperature recuperator, H32 has repeatedly taken on the most challenging design projects,while exceeding our customer's expectations.

Our recipe for success is simple: We understand the needs of our customers and we find effective, often innovative ways to translate them into successful products. Our ability to accurately identify your specifications, by incorporating our wide expertise, enables us to meet the most exacting standards. Call or email us today to set up a meeting to discuss your project and how we can help exceed your goals.



H32 has consulted with world class companies on issues from engineering management and design of experiments to product development and manufacturing problems. We bring knowledge from a variety of industries such as: aerospace, automotive, computer products, machinery tools, and consumer goods.


H32 has portrayed many roles in consulting jobs, from project managers to being an experienced team member that can help you make project deadlines.


We not only save you money, we make you money. We create specialty and custom research equipment for testing, measuring, and producing merchandise. Our creations carry an unrivaled value in the efforts of research and development. It is the most challenging and exciting part of our business. With a foundation in statistics, engineering and design, we work with your in-house scientists to develop and design equipment that will bolster the ability of your researchers.


The creation of laboratory equipment is distinctive in the field of product development. Issues such as repeatability, safety, schedule, cost, resolution, range and noise are crucial elements for a successful creation.



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