H32 Design and Development LCC participates in numerous projects that result in highly profitable solutions for our clients. We do this by assisting in propelling them to the forefront of cutting-edge technology.


With proven strategies designed to bolster the risk management process, H32 carefully aids in the recognition and solution phase of a product's development procedures. Because of our understanding of the use of statistics, variation, and the impact/relation these have on tolerances, process variation, and the final output of the process or product, H32 produces topnotch equipment designed to keep you ahead of your competitors.


No two projects are alike, and H32 recognizes the fact that each client has different expectations and scheduling criteria. From the initial proposal stage to the final tests and acceptance, we work hard to ensure outstanding results.

H32’s past projects have resulted in detailed process development on: air bag components, plasma cutting torches, printers, triggers, and fluid flow. Our work has increased part-life, accuracy, and reduced costs. If you have a manufacturing process that needs improvement, H32 can help.



We not only save you money - we make you money. Specialty and custom laboratory equipment for testing, measuring, and producing products carry an unrivaled value in the efforts of research and development. It is the most challenging and exciting part of our business.


With a foundation in statistics, engineering and design, we work with your in-house scientists to develop and design equipment that will bolster the ability of your researchers.


Our creation of laboratory equipment is distinctive in the field of product development. Issues such as repeatability, resolution, range and noise, are crucial elements to a successful design.


We begin these projects by coming in-house to work with senior scientists and engineers to better understand the process and requirements.

Design and Analysis

H32 Engineering is experienced in:

Risk Management








Technology Reviews


Idea Generation, Brainstorming


Patent Procedure & Practice


Patent Strategy


Vendor selection


Writing Specifications

Evaluation of current Manufacturing Processes


Reengineering Manufacturing Process


Gauging and Fixturing


Quality Control Techniques




Design of Experiments


Training of personnel

H32 assumes the responsibility of writing the specification for the equipment, so that it embodies the depth of the project. Shortly thereafter, we initiate development and

design procedures.


During this process, we regularly update the managing scientist through weekly reports, web meetings, phone, and face-to-face meetings. H32 will work with the vendors to gently, yet firmly guide them in manufacturing the parts, and if needed, in assembling the equipment for you. In conclusion, we test and make adjustments as necessary.


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